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Student Development Center for student License registration, outside school  internship, career development, graduate tracking, alumni services and other business, and through the school counseling and help school students in the future career planning;


And actively explore the employment opportunities for students, counseling graduates graduate employment, fresh graduates and employment counseling database to establish; to enhance student enrollment and employment competitiveness, guide students to enter the workplace for the purpose of smooth.


The Student Development Center set up two groups: career development and outside school internship, and internship employment and alumni services.


Respectively, on the skills test and professional license counseling matters, the establishment of student license database, for outside school internship, career counseling, students and graduates employment and internship counseling,


(UCAN), student counseling seminars, business briefings and campus recruitment, combined with the Four auxiliary one and UCAN employment function network platform, to strengthen student internship employment and functional to diagnostic counseling effectiveness.